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What is a Monitor? How do I create it?

Monitor is an entity that checks availability of your website. A monitor consists of attributes such as website URL, time interval between any two checks of your website and other additional properties. You can create monitor by selecting "New Monitor" of side panel in Pulsemon homepage.

How often my website is monitored?

Your website is checked at a frequency that you set in your monitor.

How am I notified when my website is down?

You will be notified your website downs through an email, sms and KitWall notifications.

What are the various media through which I get notifications?

You will receive notifications through email, sms and through KitWall alerts.

Do I need to inject any javascript code snippet into my website?

No, You need not inject/embed any javascript code, you just need to create your monitor and start it.

How often will I receive notifications when my website is continuously down?

You will receive notifications for every 24 hours until Pulsemon finds your website is up.

Where do I find status of my website in the dashboard?

You can find current status of your website in the "Active Monitors" tab of the dashboard.

Can I Know monitoring stream of my website?

Yes, select "Last 24 hours" in the side panel. You can view precise monitoring points by adjusting miniature graph down the reports. A red dot shows that the website is down and a green dot shows the website is up.

I have not received any notifications when my website was down/up?

Please let us know if you face any such situations.

What is meant by Average response time?

Sum of all OK responses/Total number of checks in the given time interval.

How can I view results of my Timezone

You can always set your timezone on profile page.

Is Pulsemon free?

No, Pulsemon is not free to use. However, it offers affordable plans.

Is the billing cycle auto renewable?

Yes, the amount will be deducted from your credit card for every billing cycle.